1. Carl

From the recording The Misanthrope Family Album

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Written by Brooks Robbins
Copyright Modern Mal and Mal Records, 2017


Been watching like a freak all summer
No one can sing quite like you
I’d bet my last buck that Veronica hates me.
But mama I won’t bet my boots

I’m drawing the shades on my window now
No reason to watch anymore
I hope that you come back next spring my friend
If not then I’m moving up north

Been freezing and anxious all winter
At least now the days aren’t so long
I’ll lay by the fire, and sip on cold ethyl
All I need now is a song

There’s only one thing that’s still keeping us here
The hope that one day you’ll come back
I don’t want to wear those old ear- muffs and scarves
I’d hate you to see me like that